Susan Smart

A Little About Me

      Susan became passionate about assisting women in achieving their birth desires as she progressed through the journey of her own births. Susan has experienced traditional hospital delivery with an OB, an in-hospital birth center birth with a CNM, and a home birth with Licensed Midwives. Each taught her a little more about birth and the need to celebrate this very special time in a woman’s life and to honor women’s choices in welcoming their babies into the world.
After the birth of her second child, she was so thankful for the help she had found in The Bradley Method, that she became an instructor and taught expectant couples for three years. As she became more aware of birth studies, she became convinced of the safety of home birth and chose that option for the birth of her third child. This experience led her to seek apprenticeship for midwifery training to support women in having a joyous and safe out of hospital delivery.
Susan apprenticed with two other Licensed Midwives during her four year apprenticeship and completed Vicki Penwell’s Midwifery Educational Foundation’s academic study before licensing with SC DHEC in 1991. She has served birthing women in the home and birthing center since. She has served on the Midwifery Advisory Council to DHEC and served two terms as Chairwoman. She is a member of
the South Carolina Licensed Midwives Association and has served two terms as its president.
In addition, Susan has continued in her work in service to birthing women by serving as a doula educator, teaching new doulas the skills to assist laboring women with comfort measures, education, and encouragement. Susan has, also, developed and taught a midwifery training program that has been approved by SC DHEC’s Midwifery Advisory Council for the academic study for apprentice midwives. She has taught this class since 2006 and has been able to share in the joy of seeing Christian midwives complete
their studies and receive licensing.
Susan continues to enjoy serving as a midwife in the home and birth center, being a grandmother to four beautiful grandsons, and sharing her life with Bob, her husband of 38 years. She and Bob are involved in their church and its ministries and enjoy getting outdoors to hike, bike, and kayak in their bits of free time.