Birth Center is located at 850 Floyd Rd. Ext

The Labors of Love Birth Center was conceived, labored over and birthed to meet a growing need of families in the upstate of South Carolina and surrounding counties of North Carolina. Our midwives had practiced in homes over the past 11 years, but were getting calls from women who did not want to be in the hospital to give birth, but were not desirous of home births. These were young educated women who often contacted us after they had done hours of research on their own and had finally found what they were looking for; someone who would respect their opinions, provide them with resource and then give them options on where and how to birth. Research was done, a plan was launched, permits were acquired, a building was secured and renovations began. We were able to now have the best of both worlds, a home-like environment and easy access to medical facilities should they become necessary.

The Tranquility Suite

The Tranquility Suite was designed to reflect calmness and peace. It is decorated in a soulful blue color scheme with beautiful hydrangeas symbolizing abundance. This suite exudes abundance from the ample tub which can be used for laboring or giving birth to the abundance of attention paid to details. The suite is spacious but cozy. Everything needed for birth and postpartum is close and available. No need to change rooms or disrupt the flow of bonding.

The Serenity Suite

The Serenity Suite is decorated in a shabby chic décor reflecting comfort and simplicity while conveying quality. It is warm and energetic.Everything needed for delivery is close and convenient. The deep Sanajet tub alleviates the pain of labor, many call this “the midwife’s epidural”. There is never a need for the baby to leave the new parent’s sight, as newborn exams are done right in the room. Whether you choose to labor in the tub, on an exercise ball, on a birth stool, in the bed or walking around outside, our goal is to support your birthing choices throughout your labor and birth.