Childbirth Education

We know all these ladies and have even delivered some of their babies. Each offers unique insight into birth and can help you achieve the birth you desire. They are all in different parts of the Greenville-Spartanburg area. We think you would be well served by all of them.

Mary Kury

Certified Childbirth Educator
Upstate Natural Birth

My experience as a childbirth educator began in October of 2007, four months after the beautiful normal birth of my first daughter, Virginia. In February 2008, I began teaching my first class and have never looked back. Since that first class, my husband and I have added two more children (Catherine and Henry) to our growing family.

After instructing over 100 couples in both the art and science of normal birth, I have had the pleasure of receiving news from my students of more than 90 normal births occurring in hospital, home, and birth center environments. While there is no specific student demographic, there is a single common denominator: each couple wants to welcome their child in the safest manner possible.

During our 24 hours of instruction (typically 12 two hour classes), students learn to strengthen their bodies through proper nutrition and exercise specific to pregnancy, to trust the purpose and design of labor by understanding its biochemistry and mechanics, to prepare for the postpartum experience while caring for a newborn, all while integrating the husband/partner/doula as the irreplaceable support person. Special care is taken to address all aspects of the pregnant, laboring, and postpartum woman- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each couple receives a full-color comprehensive workbook, 24 hours of in-class instruction, relaxation tips for pregnancy and labor, ongoing support, plus unbiased, current, and research-based materials which aid in understanding the multifaceted experience of labor and birth.

Mary offers childbirth classes at Labors of Love Birth Center.