Choose Your Care Provider

When women are choosing a care provider, they often go to someone their friends have gone to, even though they may have very different goals than their friends. Ask yourself these simple questions and see which care providers would be best for you.

  • Are you healthy?

  • Are you independent?

  • Are you confident in your ability to give birth?

  • Do you see birth as a normal part of life?

  • Do you want to participate in the decisions surrounding your pregnancy and birth?

  • Do you want to be considered a client rather than a patient?

  • Do you want your care provider to be part of your birth team?

  • Do you want to be respected as an intelligent woman capable of researching and making decisions?

  • Do you want to be treated as an individual?

  • Do you want someone who specializes in normal birth?

  • Do you want someone who recognizes abnormal and knows when aggressive intervention is justified?

then you are well suited for midwifery care

  • Is your pregnancy at risk?
  • Would you prefer someone else to make decisions for you?
  • Are you fearful of the birth process?

  • Do you see birth as a disease?

  • Do you need someone who specializes in high–risk pregnancy, surgery, and intervention?

  • Do you want someone who is very comfortable using high tech intervention for every situation?

then you are well suited for obstetric care and you may want to consider hiring a doula