Greenville Midwifery Service - Testimonials

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"My husband and I loved Labors of Love Birth Center and the midwives! Our first child was born here. Every regular appointment lasted an hour and was so thorough. It was just what we needed as new parents! We were so pleased with the care we received that we used midwives and a birth center for our other children's births.".

Julie Zimmer

"So many wonderful things to say..... LOL helped me with 3 births. From the start after meeting them in their very relaxed, clean and “homey” birthing center, we knew they were the right fit for us. Amy, specifically, was our midwife. She made the appointments so relaxed yet informative and always right on time. (Yay for no long lines!) LOL personalizes each mom’s appointment. So if a mother has lots of questions or just needs encouragement, they are there. If a mom just wants the basic facts and baby checks (“in and out”), they make the appointment appropriately brief and to the point. The point is they are attentive to the individual need of each mother and the mother’s wishes (within reason.) The environment at the birthing center is very peaceful. During labor, the midwives give you and your partner privacy but are always nearby when you need them. My last birth was a Home birth. I love that I could still use the same midwife but have her come to us and still receive the same highly quality care. These ladies are extremely knowledgeable in their field. I’d highly recommend them to other moms."

Elizabeth Webb DiBagno

"The midwives, especially Amy, couldn’t have done a better job. They were so courteous they even did our laundry for us! This whole experience has forever changed my opinion on midwifery care and I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone considering it. If you would have told me three years ago that my second son was going to be born in a small pool located in my bathroom, I would have laughed in your face and said you were crazy. When asked if she would do it again, my wife said, “Absolutely. Granted the pain was excruciating, but it was well worth it.”"

Phil Skitt