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In recent years people have been searching to more holistic, natural alternatives to traditional medical practices. One area where lots of change has been seen has been that of child delivery. While the majority of people still choose to deliver their babies in traditional hospital maternity wards, many people are choosing to deliver out of hospital – either at home or in a birthing center.

But why are so many parents moving away from traditional hospitals? And what are the advantages of delivering your child in a birthing center? Let’s take a look at some of the most important advantages that people can expect when they choose to use a birthing center, instead of a hospital.

Less Expensive

Traditional hospital births are extremely expensive. Many obstetricians won’t even consider taking on new patients, until they pay for the delivery up front. And being as delivery can easily cost well over $10,000 (even after insurance pays its part) it’s easy to understand why people are looking for a less expensive alternative. Health care costs don’t look to be going down any time soon, so the trend of using birthing centers appears to be one that is going to continue to grow in coming years.

Better Atmosphere

When women choose to use a birthing center, they know that they are going to give birth in a more relaxed, less clinical environment. In addition to this, there is also a strong sense of community and preparation that go hand in hand with delivering at a birthing center. Because moms-to-be will usually take birthing classes and work with the staff of the birthing center prior to the big day, the sense of giving birth becomes one of strong support and community. You can’t get this kind of birthing environment from a traditional hospital maternity ward.

Family & Friends are Welcome

Some hospitals have strict guidelines about who is allowed to be present during deliveries. With extended families becoming the norm these days, people often want to have a large group of their friends and loved ones present during this important event. Birthing centers are usually much more lenient when it comes to who they allow to be present during birth. This allows for immediate family bonding without limits during, and immediately after, labor.

These are just a few of the benefits that families get when they use a birthing center, instead of a traditional hospital. It is important to note, though, that not every pregnancy is one that should take place in a birthing center. Some pregnancies require intense medical supervision and intervention. And these types of pregnancies often require hospitalization. If your pregnancy is considered high risk, or if mom and baby have medical problems, a traditional, hospital delivery is probably for the best.

If you have had a normal, healthy pregnancy and want to partake in some of the advantages discussed in this article, you may find that a birthing center is just the place to bring your new bundle of joy into the world.

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Birthing Center