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Top Five Reasons to Breastfeed

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Breastfeeding is the most natural, and usually the easiest, way to feed your baby. Most moms have no issues with milk supply, and with adequate family and community support, can have a beautiful breastfeeding relationship that lasts as long as she and baby desire. Experienced breastfeeding moms were polled as to their reasons for choosing to [...]

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The Advantages of a Natural Birth

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Natural Birth The idea of natural childbirth can be very frightening for some new moms. After all, haven't we been told our whole lives that there is no pain on earth that compares with that of giving birth? There has been so much talk of the pain associated with natural childbirth, in fact, that millions of [...]

The Advantages of Delivering Out of Hospital in a Birthing Center

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Birthing Center In recent years people have been searching to more holistic, natural alternatives to traditional medical practices. One area where lots of change has been seen has been that of child delivery. While the majority of people still choose to deliver their babies in traditional hospital maternity wards, many people are choosing to deliver out [...]